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[Part1] Fork MiniCP and install the INGInious key

The grading for this course will be partly based on your work on MiniCP.

You will do most of the work by group of two. We then ask you to create a private fork of MiniCP on which to work. You can store it wherever you want, but we indicate here the steps to do it on bitbucket.

These steps must be followed only by one of the members of the group.

  1. Ensure you have a bitbucket account and are logged in.

  2. Go the MiniCP page on bitbucket

  3. On the blue bar on the left part of the page, press the "+" button, then click on "Fork this repository".

  4. Name it as you want, and check "This is a private repository".

  5. Wait a bit.

  6. Once on your repository web page, go to "Settings", then "Access Keys", then "Add Key".

  7. Enter the following public key, allowing us to access this repository (no label needed):

    ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDHmn7aEr3HURDBX/tEsMD0i9KOTC9HsHdptV3q2jDiCjmmRlRSGmhi/pTCMN0Awv9sE+ljTp5eCN/WkjxywhlErFsygUkOqVbhOeDmb0BWd/w7nRy/1MRFcYXl61CDMJnIOIL/mZDl25msVAUMuVTaGRifIfTt7a5KN5bQbRwXKigbIn+be27Xgm7QC0I2Mr2hQEyKUQN19fG/PdpbyxtajxmYxjjzgSTO4dJpORiJ81ru3yMWd+e5mgzM9pvmYS2relLJMSPChsjA7OvoDZRbTgdokDoVybQHu8p5RSOYGmXRof4ziDAk1AQ8hjxazXu+DbxkYeEylXLxLFKnRmzD inginious-minicp
  8. Once the key is added, go to "User and group access" and add your teammate.

Both of you should be able to clone the repository locally and begin to work on the various exercices!

Check that everything works by entering the ssh url to clone your repository below.

URL to your repo

Please enter the git clone URL to your repository. For example