9. Debugging tasks

Sometimes, when designing your assigments on INGInious, you may face some issues because you use a different software set on your local machine than the available environments, or because you did not take a specific student input into account. As your script are run at the server side, this may be difficult to find the solution only with a set of input/output.

INGInious comes with an embedded debugging facility that will help you fix some undesired behaviour that may arise while running your test suite.

The SSH debugging facility

SSH (Secure Shell) is a common remote-access protocol used on Unix platforms. SSH clients are widely available on the mostly used platforms, and will give you access to a shell on the remote server.

INGInious offers the ability to launch an SSH server inside the grading container and to access it remotely. This is achieved via the admin-only Start remote SSH console (>_) button next to the Submit button. Two configurations are available:

  • Default : By default, when pressing the >_ button, a command line and password will be provided to you in order to access the remote shell.
  • Web terminal : If set up (see complete documentation for more information), an embedded web terminal will open a shell session in the browser. No SSH client is needed in this configuration.

Let's take a tour

This task provided with some input fields as well as a basic run file. To open an SSH debug session:

  1. Click on the >_ button to start a debugging session.
  2. If prompted, copy and paste the command line to connect to the server in a local shell and type the given password.
  3. Once connected, you are able to do anything you want. To run the test suite normally, just type ./run.
  4. When you are done, type exit to close the remote SSH session. Feedback will be displayed as if the submission was done normally.

If something goes wrong here, you'll be able to run your test suite command by command.

This unique optional input box is provided with problem id thecode.


Author(s) The INGInious authors
Deadline No deadline
Submission limit No limitation

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