Author(s) François Aubry
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Hello World

In this task you will be given some very simple tasks to make sure that you know how to read from the standard output and write to the standard output.

Read and print

In this simple problem you simply have to read a string from the standard input and output that same string into the standard output.


A single line with a string \(s\) having caracters from 'a' to 'z'.


A single line with the input string.


  • \(1 \leq |s| \leq 1000\) where \(|s|\) denotes the number of characters of the string \(s\).

Sample Test Cases

Sample input 1

Sample output 1

Sample input 2

Sample output 2

Max file size: 9.5 MiB
Allowed extensions: .java, .cpp, .py