Deadline 15/08/2022 23:59:00
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[FINAL] MiniCP programming exercises

Do the exercices, then put the link to your repository below.

Do not forget to pull the official repository first, to have the latest updates. On the command line, this can be done using the following commands:

  1. Add an upstream to the minicp repository if it does not exist (you need to do this step once only).

    git remote add upstream
  2. Once the upstream is added, fetch the changes from the minicp repository, switch to your own master branch and add them there (don't forget to push your changes first!).

    git fetch upstream
    git checkout master
    git merge upstream/master

Or more simply, from Bitbucket, this can be done by clicking on the "Sync" button on the right pannel of your fork repository.

Remember: you should not modify the existing tests, only add new ones.

URL to your repo

Please enter the git clone (ssh) URL to your repository. For example